Zack Snyder has taken time off from mourning his daughter’s passing to praise Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, which Snyder co-wrote. Speaking via his Vero account, he used but one word: “proud”. He also shared an image of Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman gear:

Snyder and family have recently mourned for the loss of their daughter, Autumn, after she committed suicide, and DC even had to have Joss Whedon step in and finish production on Justice League while Snyder dealt with his tragic loss.

Last month Snyder, speaking to THR, said:

“In my mind, I thought it was a cathartic thing to go back to work, to just bury myself and see if that was the way through it,” Snyder told The Hollywood Reporter last month of initially going back to work after Autumns death. “The demands of this job are pretty intense. It is all-consuming. And in the last two months, I’ve come to the realization … I’ve decided to take a step back from the movie to be with my family, be with my kids, who really need me. They are all having a hard time. I’m having a hard time.”

My take: I have all the sympathy and empathy for Snyder and his family, and I wish them well, but it must suck to be upstaged by a woman on her first try when Snyder has had several opportunities to craft a decent, if not spell-binding, comic book film. What does it take? And why does he fail so often? And why does DC insist on keeping him around? I mean no hate, but it’s a darned good question with no real good answer.