Good news, X-Files fans: FOX has finally assembled a Writer’s Room for The X-Files, which means lots of ideas will be generated for upcoming episodes.

The X-Files was cancelled in 2002 after nine long seasons, then rebooted with a small miniseries, and now will be given a short eleventh season consisting of about  ten episodes. That doesn’t include the two movies., one oh which was made during the first main run of the series.

Apparently Chris Carter will be involved, of course, along with producers Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, and James Wong; Season 9 writers Gabe Rotter; season 10 writers’ assistant Benjamin Van Allen; and Brad Follmer, who served as Carter’s assistant on seasons 8 and 9 of the series.

And that’s the news, boiled down to a nutshell.

Now my opinion, which will fill up the rest of this little article: Who cares? There was one decent episode from the last six or so limited run, the rest were either garbage or forgettable. Seasons nine and eight of the X-Files were mostly filler and trash, involving ludicrous super soldiers and moving from edgy, creepy Vancouver to the bright industrial lights of Los Angeles. You can tell when they moved productions because all the lighting changed no matter how hard they tried to ape the original settings.

Chris Carter, instead of finding fresh blood, keeps returning to the same dry well of used up writers and producers and directors, instead of doing what he needs to do to make the series work as well as it originally did: make the damned series LOOK like it did during seasons one through six, and hire the right fresh talent to yarn some good new stories. And let’s be honest: bringing back Cancerman, after it was so clear that he was *incinerated*, has to be one of the dumbest moves in television history. Not only did they jump the shark with that move, the shark itself, on his little shark skis, jumped another shark.

No more, Chris. I tuned you out during your limited run and I won’t be there for season eleven. I was once one of your most ardent fans, now I just wish you would go away and stop fucking the corpse of the X-Files in its ass.