An update to the previous post: Wonder Woman has muscled her way past $38M for Saturday’s box office haul, bypassing Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and that silly Baywatch reboot/remake. That’s excellent news for DC and Warner Borthers, who have valiantly struggled in vain to make a DCEU film popular with critics and fans alike. From the much-lamented Green Lantern┬áto the bombastic Wagnerian Batman vs Superman, none of the DC live-action films garnered┬ámuch sway with critical appeal, although some of them have done well in terms of crucial financial numbers. I guess Wonder Woman‘s success puts lie to the claim that women cannot make big-dollar femme-led films, although one wonders if this has to do with the supposedly over-arching progressive nature of Wonder Woman and less to do with the fact there isn’t much else to watch, and men in general have lost much of their historic leader-of-pack masculinity. Time will tell.