Looks like Patty Jenkins femme-fatale tale Wonder Woman is breaking records already, with the aforementioned film busting the $100M dollar mark, which is news if you were paying attention to what Fifty Shades of Grey made way back when. What’s not a surprise, to me, anyway, is how little I, the film-viewer, actually care. How much did other films make in their first frames?

And I’m supposed to care because……Wonder Woman is a female-led film written and directed by a woman? Well what a wonder! Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me, and it sounds a lot like a double standard, because when a man makes $150M on his first big-budget outing, no one cares. No one says, oh look, a man just broke a barrier, but here we are, a century plus the age of suffrage and woman are still acting like they’re proverbial kitchen slaves, kept down by the man, which is ridiculous. Perhaps it’s just that time a woman helmed a big budget film and people, mainly progressive critics, cared so much they just had to sway people with their biased opinions. Really where were they when Wonder Woman was a top television show back in the 1970s?

Girl power! Grrrrrrrrr!