Looks like Wonder Woman, in her second weekend frame, will crush The Mummy, which is expected to hit with a resounding thud. There goes Universal’s hope of a Dark Universe shared universe intellectual property. The only film to give mega-hit Wonder Woman a serious run for her money was Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy, opened to poor reviews critically assailing the film for its chalky action and lack of thrills. Too bad.

As reported by Variety on Wednesday, The Mummy is projected to earn up to $40 million in North America in its opening weekend. which is alight improvement over its initial $35M projection , but still may not be enough to finishin first place domestically especially considering the its production budget at $125M .The Mummy did have a record opening day in South Korea and is opening in 63 international markets, so not all hope is lost for the movie just yet.

My take: Man, rough news for Universal. If they can’t get The Mummy reboot off the ground, and compete against feminist comic book trash like Wonder Woman, what can and will they do with all their other intellectual properties that plan to release in the forthcoming years, like The Invisible Man and The Bride of Frankenstein? They’re just throwing money at the situation. Instead perhaps they should try to open against nearly guaranteed big-budget summer tentpole fare like Wonder Woman. Perhaps they should try a fall release. Or a Spring date. Open against something soft, like a crude Feig comedy. They’re just not in a position to sell this kind of material, and despite the reviews, even if The Mummy were a raucous affair, it would still fall flat against juggernauts like Wonder Woman.