I’ve always liked Dolph Lundgren.

As a henchmen in Jame’s Bond’s A View to A Kill, I knew Lundgren had the chops for some kinds of roles, if not the leading man types. He was just too handsome, too tall, too athletic to not have some ability in action films, and I say that with all the no-homo I can muster. Plus the guy has a degree in chemical engineering from MIT on a Fullbright Scholarship, so he’s not lacking for brains. So why the hell didn’t this guy get more work?

I loved his role in Rocky IV, or as I like to think about Rocky Versus Doomsday, because in a few ways, that’s what it was like. Here comes Doomsday, I mean Lundgren, from out of nowhere, and he demolishes Team Apollo in like three blows. Boom, boom, boom. You’re dead. And he had no emotion. A true soldier. Just a brute-force killing machine. And here’s Rocky, avenging his friend’s death, perhaps facing death himself. It was just so epic, more epic than any one movie deserves, especially considering how perfect Lundgren was for the role.

So again, why didn’t this guy get more work? I think the key to good acting is one of two things: a learned talent, and Lundgren never took the time to take the proper training, or a matter of personality, and Lundgren just doesn’t have the proper personality to pretend to be other people. He’s him: a tall, brutish smart guy good at playing supporting action hero roles.

He did have that small role in the CW’s Arrow┬áIIRC, but not much came of it.

Anywho, here he is, playing Nereus in James Wan’s Aquaman, as king of the underwater realm Xebel. Underneath all this text is a tweet of Lundgren on set for the Aquaman movie, doing some stunts. Yeah, it’s not big news, it almost never is anyway, but it’s cool to see this guy, at his age, warming up for a considerable role in a big-budget winter tentpole film, and yes winter now has tentpole films, or I like to call them, flagships.



Lastly some backstory: Nereus’s character is pretty new, and so is his kingdom which was once united with Atlantis. Mera, played by Amber Heard, is Aquaman’s lover and faithful companion, but she’s married to Lundgren’s character. So as Screenrant says, there could be some serious friction going on just on that intimate, personal level. Just expect this to be DC’s Thor, and you’re thinking in the right direction.

P.S. Most if the underwater scenes will be CGI. So there’s that in your hat, too.