TRUE ROMANCE, starring CHRISTIAN SLATER and PATRICIA ARQUETTE, is a 1993 film written by QUENTIN TARANTINO. Married couple CLARENCE WORLEY (SLATER) and ALABAMA WHITMAN (ARQUETTE) attempt to sell cocaine to a HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR, but the coke-owning Mafia boys are hot on their trail like a pack of bloodhounds.

Like with most TARANTINO movies, I enjoyed TRUE ROMANCE. It was fast-paced, funny and the chemistry between SLATER and ARQUETTE was dynamic. I did find one major problem with TRUE ROMANCE though. In one scene, a Sicilian Mafia consul, played by CHRISTOPHER WALKEN, confronts CLIFFORD (the father of CLARENCE) and is subtle when cork-popping out of him the whereabouts of his slippery son. CLIFFORD does not give up his boy, nor does he beg for his life. Instead, CLIFFORD spews virulent RACISM at the consul by claiming Sicilians spawned from niggers. “It’s a fact,” CLIFFORD said. “You see Sicilians have black blood pumpin’ through their hearts. If you don’t believe me, you can look it up. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, the Moors conquered Sicily. And the Moors are niggers.” Clifford meant to insult the mafia consul by making him believe he carried black blood. The scene is wrong for multiple reasons.

REASON #1: It wouldn’t matter if Sicilians had black blood pumpin’ through their veins. Black blood wouldn’t make the Sicilians inferior. The scene is just nasty.

REASON #2: Writer TARANTINO claimed that BLACK, Sicily-conquering Moors was a fact, but a fact is supported by evidence. There is no evidence the Moors were BLACK, just like there is no evidence to support WHITE JESUS. The internet is bursting with BLACK Moor paintings, but if we Google JESUS CHRIST, we’ll see a host of WHITE JESUS paintings too, but no one alive actually knows the race of CHRIST.

The scene is also racist towards the WHITE RACE. CLIFFORD said, “Way back then Sicilians were like wops from Northern Italy. They all had blonde hair and blue eyes, but then the Moors moved in there, and they changed the whole country. They had so much sex with Sicilian women, that they changed the whole bloodline forever. That’s why blonde hair and blue eyes became black hair and dark skin. You know, it’s absolutely amazing to me to think that to this day, hundreds of years later, that Sicilians still carry that nigger gene.” According to TARANTINO, a BLACK FRIEND planted the evil, disgusting speech in the DIRECTOR’S head, and then TARANTINO ran with it like JOE NAMATH with the ball. If TARANTINO’S BLACK FRIEND really did give the speech, he must have a deep-seated hatred for the WHITE RACE. “Yeah QUENTIN,” This BLACK MAN said while brandishing an alligator smile. “People who looked like me conquered, raped, and murdered people who looked a lot like you. I think that is the coolest story ever.” Imagine me sitting down with a BLACK MAN and bragging about how WHITE PEOPLE beat and enslaved his ancestors. What would that sound like to you? I’m unsure why TARANTINO used that hate speech in TRUE ROMANCE. It does nothing but trample on the souls of long-dead Sicilians.