For my next review on MINKOWSKI’S movie website, I thought I’d tackle TRUE LIES, another action-adventure masterpiece from JAMES CAMERON. DAVID ANSEN of NEWSWEEK called TRUE LIES “a gargantuan thrill machine.” MR. ANSEN, GOD bless his heart, knew exactly what he was talking about. When watching TRUE LIES, you’ll never have a better time at the movies.

TRUE LIES is about HARRY TASKER, played by ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, a terrorist-fighting, OMEGA-SECTOR secret agent who lives a double life. His wife, HELEN TASKER, played by JAMIE LEE CURTIS, believes he’s a computer salesman, but truthfully, HARRY sells nothing except fired bullets and exploding bombs to the worst of the worst.

After HARRY and his partners (ALBERT GIBSON and FAISAL) at OMEGA SECTOR learn of a PALESTINIAN terrorist group called CRIMSON JIHAD, the leader of the group, Salim Abu Aziz, identifies HARRY as a spy and attempts to kill him in a SHOPPING MALL BATHROOM, but that attempt is, thankfully, unsuccessful. HARRY lives to fight another day.

While battling terrorists hell-bent on destroying cities with nuclear bombs, HARRY must scare the bejesus out of a used-car salesman who is seducing his wife, take control of his marriage, and regain faith from DANA TASKER, his daughter. For HARRY TASKER, life isn’t exactly a walk in the park. “No it ain’t sugar.”

The best part about TRUE LIES is…the entire movie! If you love action, you’ll love TRUE LIES. If you love comedy mixed in with your action, you’ll love TRUE LIES. HARRY chases after a motorcycle-riding terrorist while on horseback. He takes out a platoon of terrorists while cockpitted inside a HARRIER JET. He nearly castrates the main terrorist just before he explodes him into a nearby helicopter. Like a really good JAMES BOND film, TRUE LIES is a total blast from beginning to end.

Some people like KENNETH TURAN of the NEW YORK TIMES thought the movie was unfair to ARABS because CRIMSON JIHAD is comprised of ARABS. This is actually an unfair thing to say. Most terrorist movies like DIE HARD and PASSENGER 57 are filled with WHITE TERRORISTS, so it’s only fair to make ARABS and BLACKS the terrorists once in a while. According to critics like KENNETH TURAN, we can kill WHITE PEOPLE all day long in our films, but when we’re start killing ARABS, the writer/director is a big, bad racist.  We believe in equality, yes? So if we believe in equality, all groups of humans should serve as the bad guys in our films. Right?

For an action-adventure-spy film, I give TRUE LIES an A minus. The set pieces are slick, impressive, and awe-inspiring. Some of the characters are funny and likeable. The entire film is hilarious, explosive, and just highly enjoyable. Thank GOD for JAMES CAMERON!