Well here’s proof that either people aren’t as stupid as they look, or they’re just inclined to move from one shitty cinematic property to another.

Transformers: The Last Knight has dropped a whopping Friday to Friday 82% in China, so that’s one week in which it lost almost all of its earning power.

Age Of Extinction, the Transformers film before The Last Knight, made 320 million, whereas The Last Knight looks poised to take in about….290 million, although Forbes is now projecting the film to make 240 million instead, thanks to the aforementioned loss of earning power.

From Forbes:

The Last Knight’s second Friday in Chinese theaters dropped by a staggering 82.2 percent, from $48 million including midnight showings in week 1 to just $8.5 million in week 2. Forbes’Rob Cain describes the plunge as the “most spectacular Friday-to-Friday drop I can recall for a wide release in China.” The closest comparison he could find was 2010 low-budget horror flick The Devil Inside, which dropped 83 percent Friday-to-Friday – but that movie still ended up grossing $101 million worldwide off a $1 million budget.

What does all this gobbledygook mean? Not much. It means that Transformers is getting tired, as a franchise, and people are getting tired of it. The Last Knight didn’t make much in the US, either, compared to the other installments. So perhaps franchise fatigue is setting in. Perhaps it’s time for Paramount’s Writer’s Room to take notice and either disband, or start churning out titles that are fresh and innovative. The 1980s Bumblebee sounds like a good direction to go, I guess. Or maybe just reboot the entire thing. Start over. Start from the original cartoon, which was, despite the fact being a fucking toy commercial, pretty original and innovative. Instead of insectoid robots, now that Bay is no  longer around, gives us back a modern take on the original G line.

As my mother used to say: do something, even if it’s wrong.