The sky is falling for Transformers.

Man, how do you write these things without some kind of actual information? Like I’m sitting here thinking of what to say without cribbing from Screenrant, and all I can think about is why do people pay to see these terrible films? Do they look good on the big screen? Is that why? Because seeing big-budget CGI smash big-budget CGI gets people off?

Anyway, the news: Following other films in a similar pattern, Transformer: The Last Knight is on track to  make about 70 to 75 million in it’s five day opening frame, which is down over previous installments. Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction made about 1.1 billion in their run and started out with 100 million each. The Last Knight looks set to net considerably less.

Why? Franchise fatigue? But this is overall the worst box office summer since 2007. Will overseas sales help Transformers The Last Knight as much as Paramount hopes? Time will tell.

One thing is for sure: Paramount’s Transformers Writers Room is expecting The Last Knight to be big, big enough to springboard all kinds of new Transformer films, from the Bumblebee film set in the 1980s to who knows what? I’ve read they want to do a Transformers in Ancient Rome film. They need for The Last Knight to me a huge, huge hit, so they can develop from there a variety of stories spread through the space of time, and perhaps space itself.

The last thing: Bay is leaving after The Last Knight. Who will and who can fill his shoes? Who will direct action the way only bay can direct action? Or might we get a more story-driven director?

Who knows anything at this juncture, save it’s not a good year for movies in Hollywood. Too much sequelitis, to much spin-off fatigue. Perhaps that’s why Wonder Woman did so well.

We’ll just have to wait till 2018 to see what the movie gods have in store for Tinseltown.