The new all-animated CGI film Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars Trailer – The Bug Hunt has debuted. Check it out below:




My take: the CGI looks game cut-scene quality, if that, and an NVIDIA game demo, whereby the developers of said demo display cutting edge graphics, make this look like Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within. I also feel bad for Casper van Dien for having to make this rubbish, supplying his voice and some relic of his physical appearance. That this “film” is in theaters for one night only annoys the fuck out of me. Why bother? A quick cash grab before dusting it up on the bottom of Big Lots all-you-can-buy DVD bonanza? I guess looks aren’t everything. Takes talent, or the willingness to whore yourself out, to make it in Hollywood, and van Dien just didn’t have it. He should have sold himself for a sandwich like Thomas Jane.