I’m not a huge fan of Nolan, either, along with Godzilla. I don’t get the fandom, to be honest, or the cult worship he’s received over the years. Is he an accomplished director? Yes. Has he created a few films of solid worth? Yes, again. And yet something is missing from his resume that would merit the acclaim he’s garnered. From Memento to The Prestige, to the over-hyped The Dark Knight, to the often vilified¬†The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan has aimed high and yet, somehow, fell somewhat short of his goals.

I just don’t view him as great a director as Spielberg, who initially wowed us with his painterly summer blockbuster of all blockbusters, Jaws, or my erstwhile favorite James Cameron, who retooled Alien and made two successful films in one: a horror film starring Geiger’s monsters, and a war movie, recapitulating the insanity of Vietnamese tunnel rats. I do agree that Nolan came closest with his temporal mind-bender Inception, but once again fell short because, as I see it, he simply couldn’t master the simple things.

Regardless, Nolan has tried to craft himself one with the cinematic gods, and despite his most earnest intentions, despite the fervor of the crowds for one of his movies, he’s fallen short in my opinion. Now he’s aiming for a different genre altogether: historic drama with Dunkirk, a retelling of the landing of Allied troops on the beaches of France, and the myriad horrors that ensued upon the men who dared raise their heads in sight of the German fortifications.

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