According to director Roar Uthaug, the new Tomb Raider reboot, starring Alicia Vikander as the titular raider of tombs, has wrapped production, which began earlier in the year, according to Screenrant. Now Uthaug has taken to Instagram to showcase Tomb Raider‘s final days in production, as can be seen below:

That's a wrap! #tombraidermovie #tombraider

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This version of Lara Croft will see the young adventurer on the search for her lost father, played by Dominic West , be the catalyst for her true origin. Joining Lara on this mission will be captain Lu Ren ( Daniel Wu ), but it will be Walton Goggins as the villain  that makes their goals difficult to achieve.

Expectations are looming large for the reboot, not just in terms of money, but in terms of aspirations of the modern female, as Wonder Woman has done for audiences everywhere in terms of redefining feminism and creating female heroes for women of all ages.


My take: video game movies usually fail, and this one should be no different. Doesn’t matter who you cast, doesn’t matter the tone, there’s just something missing from the body of a video game movie like the soul missing from a robot, no matter how lifelike. Hoping the movie creates another feminist heroine might also be a bridge too far imo, as if young women in tight clothing make for the empowered female.