Tom Holland took on a new role as Captain Obvious recently, when asked about the future of Spider-man and his role within the MCU. He shocked and surprised everyone by confirming, yes, there will be more Spider-man movies after Homecoming, and no. Sony doesn’t plan on abandoning the lucrative Spider-man property after a one-off film. And here we were all thinking otherwise.

Holland spoke to  AlloCine on Facebook about all things Homecoming related, but the outlet also asked him about his future with the character. During one response regarding Peter Parker’s larger arc outside of Homecoming, he confirmed two additional films are planned. When questioned by the reporter if that was breaking news, Holland simply said “Sorry Marvel, whoops” and proceeded to act as though he was taken down by Marvel’s snipers. Here is his full quote:

There is still a lot of room for Peter Parker and Spider-Man especially to grow in the next two movies. He’s definitely not the finished article by the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming and I really look forward to exploring the different ways he can grow up and go through puberty I guess. It’s going to be an exciting couple of movies… Yeah, there’ll be Spider-Man 2 and 3, it won’t be Homecoming 2 and 3.

Well no shit, Spider-lock! More Spider-man films? No kidding! The hell you say! And on and on. Because really, did anyone think there wouldn’t be more films? And why the fuck is this even news? Slow news week, I guess.