Some people and free time. Man.

So some guy from 8-Bit Trailers, a Youtube Channel, has taken all the time necessary , which I imagine had to have been weeks if not months, to make a an 8-bit game trailer of Thor: Ragnarok.

Check it out below:


Now I know a *little* about game development, both 2D and 3d, and I just have to wonder what he used to make these trailers. Did he paint each scene just like the guy who did the Star Wars trailers on his ancient Apple Macintosh?

Did he use Unity, a free game engine, or Unreal Engine, another game engine? I’d like to think so because I just can’t imagine someone spending all that time rendering each scene by  hand, and for what? Dude doesn’t even get paid to make them. He does it for fun.

Anyway, my congrats to him on a job well done, even if he is a loser for wasting all that time on something that doesn’t even get him laid.