Léon: The Professional, starring Jean Reno and Natalie Portman, is the story of a twelve-year-old girl taking up residence with a hitman after her family is murdered by a corrupt DEA agent. During her time with Léon, Mathilda is shown the ruthless, cold-blooded ropes of the pro-hitman lifestyle, and it isn’t long before the knowledge of killing is complete in her head. SHE KNOWS EXACTLY HOW TO SHOOT PEOPLE!


Léon was not created for the saint in mind. The film is hollow-point violent and carbon-dioxide caustic to the soul. Children are either murdered or taught to murder without a spoon-full of mercy. Mathilda is a monster of a character. She smokes. She’s bad-tempered (mean and nasty) and she swears constantly. Except for her toddler brother, she hates her family and did not care they were all executed. Mathilda’s mind is so warped, she falls in love with a contract killer who is at least thirty years her senior. The extended version especially stinks of pedophilia. CHECK OUT THE PICTURE POSTED: Not only is Mathilda taught handgun-mechanics by an adult male, she is sitting scantily-clad near that male.


SOMETHING WE ALL KNOW: A child should never touch a real gun or get close enough to smell the deathly oil. A child should never kiss an adult onscreen, unless the adult is the parent of the child. I sound preachy when I say people should not watch movies like Léon: The Professional, but it’s true. As for me, my days of watching Léon are over.