The PASSION OF THE CHRIST, directed by Mel Gibson, is proof the viewers do not love JESUS CHRIST like the AMERICAN PEOPLE once did. While JESUS is scourged, mocked, and nailed to a wooden cross, viewers are eating popcorn and drinking Pepsi. No one would ever watch a rendition of their beloved spouse or family member tortured for an entire movie. The PASSION OF THE CHRIST is a Roman coliseum. JESUS is greatness torn apart by the lions. And the VIEWERS are the blood-thirsty spectators eating it all up. The PASSION OF THE CHRIST is the highest-grossing R-rated in United States history, but if our culture was different, if the year was 1955, JIM CAVIEZEL would’ve never ruined his career by starring as JESUS CHRIST. No, JESUS CHRIST is not loved by the majority, not when his graphic, torture-porn destruction is so beloved and profitable.