I am MINKOWSKI’S YOUNGER BROTHER, and he said I could review any movie for his new website. So I decided to review my all-time favorite science-fiction movie: TERMINATOR 2-JUDGMENT DAY.

In JUDGMENT DAY, a ten-year-old boy named JOHN CONNOR, played by EDWARD FURLONG, is the future leader of the human race who destroys an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE that has murdered billions of human beings by way of nuclear war. In order to prevent its own destruction, the AI, called SKYNET, sends a shape-shifting TERMINATOR back to 1995 for the purpose of assassinating young JOHN. A cyborg wrecking ball, played by ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, is also sent back in time by the human resistance to protect JOHN. Also shielding JOHN from the cemetery is his heroic and stoic mother, SARAH CONNOR, played by LINDA HAMILTON. The shape-shifting TERMINATOR wages an all-out war against JOHN, SARAH, and the GOOD TERMINATOR, but it…does…Watch the movie to find out!

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY is a mind-blowing joyride. The special effects are impressive, even when compared to movies that are made in 2017. The story is sad, riveting, and hopeful. If you like MICHAEL BAY movies, you’re in luck! TERMINATOR 2 is nothing like a BAY movie. It is much, much better. Watch TERMINATOR 2: 3D only if you prefer losing your popcorn and Pepsi when you’re blown to the back of the theater by one explosive scene after another.