In an interview with Screen Rant, the Screen Rant from which I often get my news, Armie Hammer, that fine thespian of renown, discusses which superhero he would love to play if given that chance, between Shazam and Green Lantern. Seems his name is tossed around a lot in discussion of who would play who in upcoming superhero DCEU films, for some odd and inexplicable reason.

To his credit, Hammer has been open about his willingness to join the DCEU , if the right role came his way, this whole time. But in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant this past weekend for the Cars 3  press junket, Hammer recently opened up about which of the two roles he might be more interested in playing, should the opportunity ever arise:

If you had to choose between the two though, Shazam or the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, which one are you taking?

ARMIE HAMMER: Oh, man! I don’t know. Well, I don’t really know anything about Shazam, to be honest. Like, uh, what’s the deal with Shazam?

He’s a little kid that gets mystical powers from a wizard and grows into a man that’s like a superhero.

ARMIE HAMMER: So he’s still a little kid? Does he throw temper tantrums?

Yeah, yeah.

ARMIE HAMMER: No! Really? That’s funny, uh, yeah. That’s interesting.

As you can tell Armie Hammer’s as brilliant a conversationalist as he is an actor.


My take: neither. He’s a terrible “actor”, and he has no on-screen presence whatsoever. He’s poison, death to the box office and I’ve yet to see him appear in a single film that wasn’t virtually unwatchable in some respect. Why anyone is talking this guy’s name in relation to starring in DCEU films, I’ve no fucking idea. Crazy world, man, crazy world.