What’s in store for Season 2 of Stranger Things? Not much has been revealed about the second season of the show but the first one was a massive hit for Netflix, which is something the fledgling studio needs. Enormous interest was generated by the fate of Barb, the nature of the Upside Down, and what was that thing Byers puked up at the end of season one? Another nascent monster in waiting? And what about Eleven? Is she dead? In the Upside Down? Or somewhere in between?

Now that season one is over and done, fans and casual Netflickers alike are in agreement: season two of Stranger Things had better be as good if not better than season one,. and some of the secrets of the first season have to revealed and explaine

Now, in a Facebook Live session with THR, Stranger Things producer (and occasional director) Shawn Levy discussed what’s to come in season two, and stressed that fans might not like everything on the menu, but that it will ultimately pay off:

“We are going to do things that fans will be disappointed in but I think they will be more satisfied by… I’ll give one example that I’ve been asked about a hundred times which is people still think Barb’s alive. Because you think you want that but you wouldn’t really want that.”

My take: it’ll be good to see the entire cast reunite yet again, and no I’m not looking for Barb to return. She’s dead. We all know as much. What I am looking forward to are some answers, like how the Upside Down was created, what other secrets it holds, what’s the nature of the slug-thing, and will this show have as much consistency and arc as the first season, which I am somewhat doubting. I mean, really how many more kids can go missing to make for a story? I think we may see a downturn in story this season, barring some kind of miracle, writing and narrative-wise. That’s my take, anyway.