Neil Bomkaamp’s Oat’s Studio’s (whew) has dropped first short film, featuring, (you bet got it) CGI robots/aliens. Check Rakka out below:



Screenrant calls it a cross between The Terminator and Independence Day. I say it looks a lot like District 9 and all Neill’s other films, but that’s just me.


From Screenrant:

Rakka is 21 minutes long and can be seen in full via the Oats Studio channel on YouTube, as well as Steam. It’s basically a selection of connected sequences and not exactly a cohesive story with a beginning and end, but it does impress with the visuals and a very grim tone. The narrative is laid out in three parts. The first part shows various cities in ruin and humans in chains, while narration tells us about the alien invaders (known as The Klum). Reptiles with advanced technology that seems to be based on black-goo of some sort, they perform hideous experiments on prisoners. But a group of guerillas led by Jasper (Weaver, who else would it be?), are fighting back and manage to kill a few of the invaders.

My take: from what I saw it looks a lot like guys in lizard suits blowing up building with poorly done simulations of goo. Very specious CGI, no real narrative, and more of Blomkaamp’s narrow range, but nothing more. I think this hurts him a lot more than helps him. He should go back to trying to make films with narratives that do not involve lizard space people and Zbrush’ed robots. A CGI/VFX reel does not make for an actual director’s career.