Director of Star Wars IX, Colin Trevorrow, has now promised that the film will rightfully and purposefully honor Carrie Fisher, who passed away last December from a heart attack. Her last on-screen Star Wars roles were for in The Force Awakens and the yet unreleased The Last Jedi, wherein she has a sizable role. Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed her part with in the latter film remains unchanged, and no revisions were made to the story after her death. Which is good news.

While speaking with The Irish Examiner (hat tip Star Wars News Net), Trevorrow, talked about how Fisher’s death impacted the production, mentioning she originally was going to be a key focus of the film:

“She had a major role in the film and it’s something we had to deal with emotionally at first. Now we’ve had to deal with it in very practical ways and in a form of storytelling we know is going to honor her and keep her soul alive, but it is an unfortunate reality that we’re just going to have to handle. It’s been tough emotionally – and logistically we’ll figure that part out, but she was just very important to the Star Wars family and that was the hardest part.”

Well that’s great, I guess. She died rather abruptly, so I can understand why there’s a great deal of work ahead ensuring Star Wars IX isn’t…..incoherent without her. I just wonder how that will impact Episode IX and it’s consistency, especially with neophyte yes-man Trevorrow onboard? After all, what justice can he do for Star Wars when he couldn’t even properly handle the Jurassic Park reboot Jurassic World?