If you ever wondered why Star Trek Discovery was taking so damned long, you can blame yourself. Yep. YOU are the reason the show is taking so long to appear, even though there is now, finally, a release date. How are you to blame, you ask, incredulous as to me even thinking of crafting such a statement? Because you demanded a perfect-looking show, and perfection takes time. YOU asked for Sonequa Martin-Green to appear in the show, right? Well they, the showrunners, had to wait until she was done with The Walking Dead.

Star Trek: Discovery showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg spoke to EW about the delay and explained that they needed the time to guarantee that the show’s world would be as fully realized as possible. Harberts said:

“There’s is so much artistry and custom craftsmanship that go into every prop, every costume, every set. These things have to be designed and manufactured. We flew a costume designer to Switzerland to pick up the fabric for the Starfleet uniforms. Several items on our uniforms are 3D printed. Some of our sets can take over six weeks to make. CBS has given us the time and the money to make something the fans will find worthwhile.”

Berg added:

“You can’t cut corners or have 95 percent of what’s on screen be completely original and inspired and then have five percent something you bought at a store. It has to be cohesive — and it is. I’m so proud of what’s on screen, it’s so beautiful and it’s taking world-building to a whole new level.”

You see, had you asked for just another Star Trek Voyager, they’d have already finished their “worldbuilding” of fine fabrics from Switzerland, and 3D printed baubles. Your fault for ordering the Apple of Star Trek shows.