Into the Who Cares? column this goes.

Anywho, for those of you, all five of you, greatly anticipating Star Trek Discovery, this tidbit of copy-paste news should interest you. Seems Spock’s mother and father will appear, or at least get an intimation, as the latter will be performed by James Frain, taking over duties from the late Mark Lenard. No information yet on when and if Spock’s mother might appear, and if so who will play her.

There’s even been speculation that Michael Burham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, is a Vulcan or half-Vulcan, or one-sixteenths Vulcan like Elizabeth Warren. Fortunately, she puts those rumors to rest, and instead says her character is the first human, because she’s oh so special, to attend the Vulcan Learning Center as a child, and the Vulcan Science Academy as a young woman. Because she’s black, and female, and because it’s important.

Martin-Green also expands on her character’s modern day role in Starfleet and her internal conflict:

“I’m the first officer on the U.S.S. Shenzhou that is captained by Captain Philippa Georgiou, who is played by the amazing Michelle Yeoh. I have an inner war and it’s a journey of self discovery and finding out what it means to be alive, to be human, to be a Starfleet officer, what it means to be a hero.”

Martin-Green also confirms Amanda, Spock’s human mother, will be a factor in the series as she explains how her Vulcan experiences shape Burnham’s worldview:

“I have the Vulcan conflict in my life from Sarek and Amanda so there’s always going to be that inner conflict with me. But I think it’s relatable because we all have some kind of inner conflict going on — who we are versus who we present ourselves to be. There’s a lot to be discovered.”

Ugh. I’m turned off by the pandering to blacks with this one. Really, an entire series that is based around one character, and that character has to be black? In addition, the the inclusion of (likely male on male) homosexuality is unnecessary and disgusting. CBS has really ruined Gene Roddenberry’s gloriously perfect vision of future humanity.