Some years back there were rumors that Aunt May from Spider-man would get her own movie, which most people thought was ludicrous. In the film, she was supposed to play some kind of spy, although it was never revealed what kind of spy, and since she can’t determine that Peter Parker is Spider-man, it would make more sense for her not to be a spy.

This is what Marisa Tomei had to say when asked the rather stupid question about her appearing in a spy movie:

“Speaking of May getting her own heroic storyline, a while ago it was reported that Sony was interested in doing an Aunt May spy movie. Is that something you’re interested in or something you think would fit with this franchise?


Tomei: What? You guys know way more than I do. First of all, it took her forever to find out about Peter, so I don’t know what level of spy she would be, but I would like the idea of a big magnifying glass. Did they really, did you really hear that?


I did, really.


Tomei: I’m all for it.”

Basically this was Screenrant digging up the ridiculous past, and churning out another article so they don’t have to admit they don’t have any real content for the weekend. And neither do I.

Having said all that, Tomei is young enough and attractive enough to do a spy movie, but the entire concept sounds stupidly desperate on the part of Sony.