Yawn. It’s the weekend and there’s like literally nothing to do as far as movie news. It’s a wasteland, man. So I decided to do this one because it has lots of copy /paste, and I know how everyone loves Spider-man.

Per Screenrant: Actor Tony Revolori (Flash Thomson) has brought a different version of the character to Spider-Man: Homecoming, however. As he recently explained to Hello Giggles, from his very first auditions, he portrayed Flash as someone on the same level as Peter, with more “gentle ribbing” and less aggression.Essentially the news story here is that Flash Thomson, the quintessential bully of Peter Parker, isn’t so much of a bully anymore.

“I don’t want to be a physical bully or anything like that because that’s not really what happens now. It’s all about the social comments on social media and everything. And so how do you bring that online bully to real life?”

It’s almost cute because instead of a hulking senior or someone similar, we get a short fat little Mexican kid. It’s hilarious. Have you, dear reader, ever met a Mexican kid named Flash? In the original Raimi Spider-man movie, Thomson was a tall jock bully of Peter Parker’s nerd persona. Now he’s a squat, bloated little dark-skinned Muslim Mexican thing named Flash, and he doesn’t even really bully. I’d laugh if it weren’t so goddamned sad.

 Revolori continues:

“He’s cocky because of money, but he’s also not the best so he hates Peter for the fact that it comes so easy to him. They all go to this school and sure, maybe Flash’s dad pays for him to go there, but regardless, he is a smart kid. And I think by that fact we didn’t want to make it…you can’t be smart and a jock and be this physical a-hole.”

Sure you can. It’s called supremacy. You don’t think a guy who is good at sports and good in the classroom doesn’t have some reason to be an asshole to the dumber, less athletically gifted students? Perhaps the actor says what he does simply because Revolori’s Flash isn’t particularly gifted in the athletic department. I don’t know. It doesn’t make much sense to me.

I started with a yawn, so I’m ending with one.

And really, if this movie has any more “diverse” characters in it, I think I’ll puke. Enough of the rewriting history. Peter Parker’s world was like 99% white, even in Manhattan. Enough with making all the characters fucking black and Hispanic and Muslim.