In Man of Steel, Superman battles Zod to the literal death, breaking his neck inside what I believe was a museum or train station. I can’t recall as I haven’t seen the film in years. But regardless, Superman commits murder, arguable for the right reasons, as Zod had planned to destroy Earth and kill all of its inhabitants, thereby recreating Krypton and all of its people. That plan, and the thousands who died during the battle between Superman and o-d during the ultimate Metropolis fight scene, never seemed to take much toll on Superman on his conscious, or so goes the theory based on a lack of Superman’s obvious and plaintive remorse. But what if that theory is wrong? What if Superman is actually haunted by the dead, by the people he could not save?

That’s just the theory a new fan has derived based on the seas of skulls scene in Batman Vs Superman, wherein Superman is swallowed into a sandpit of human skulls, after running into a group of people wearing Day of the Dead costumes. The imagery there is stark, a Terminator landscape of strewn heads, blown clean of skin, and Superman being pulled down into the abyss by some unknown power. The theory then is that Superman’s regret and guilt is that force. Here’s the image that poses the theory:







Thankfully, none other than Snyder himself has come forward to claim that this theory is “right”, using the same truncated brevity in affirming the theory as he did in portraying Superman’s guilt and regret.


My take: I agree with the theory but Zack Snyder’s something of a moron for making people wait for the next film to see an inkling of Superman’s regret. not in the typical straightforward on the nose way but hidden inside allegory. I wish he would learn how to portray normal people dealing with normal circumstances, and then extending those ‘normalcies’ to not so normal people so the normal audience can normally relate.