Batman, one of the greatest superhero characters to ever grace paper and pen, and certainly one of the most enduring fictional characters to come out of the 20th century and into the next. ‘Twas not always that way, though, and a man, a mere mortal in fact named Joel Shumacher nearly destroyed the franchise with his bombastically tribal and intellectually defunct Batman and Robin.

Now, 20 years after Batman & Robin hit theaters, Joel Schumacher has officially apologized for making the film and, thus, killing the Batman franchise until Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins reboot resurrected it years later. Here’s what he said in a recent interview with Vice ahead of the film’s 20th anniversary later this month:

“Look, I apologize. I want to apologize to every fan that was disappointed because I think I owe them that.”

In the same interview, Schumacher talks about how far the franchise has come since his days helming some of the worst Batman material to come out of the industry since the 1960s, if ever:

“What’s interesting to me is if you see Tim [Burton’s] and my version, you can see how innocent viewers were back then. It’s really interesting to me, because if you see Tim’s and my [films], you’d understand how innocent the audience was back then when it demanded to have more of a family-friendly Batman. Then when you see Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, the last one especially where he’s dealing with real class and economic problems, you see how the audience has changed in the fact that they can accept and want darker and darker subject matter.”

My take: please stop apologizing. We know you made two terrible Batman films, but that was ages ago. Talk about something else, like your next film. But for the love of god, let the shit about Batman and Robin go already.