Another day, another dollar. Well, another article, anyway.

Looks like the Han Solo solo film is in trouble as of this hour with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the team that brought the world The LEGO Movie, departing for unknown reasons. Yep. They are gone. Out of there. So that’s like another news article on its own, sans commentary.

Regardless, other directors are circling the director’s chair, and one of them is rumored to be none other than Ron Howard himself. I’ll tell you why this is wrong in a moment, but first the money quote:

According to  Deadline , none other than Ron Howard is currently being courted by the powers that be at Disney to take over as the director of Han Solo. Even though Howard is concurrently tied up with an untitled Luciano Pavarotti biopic and work on adapting the non-fiction literary sensation Hillbilly Elegy, it would appear that the filmmaker may be in line to take over for Lord and Miller.

So first off, I don’t dislike Howard. He’s an excellent director for prosaic films about people doing specific stuff. You want a movie about guy who drives cars in the Grand Prix? Howard’s your man. You want a movie about a guy who circles the moon? Again, Howard is your man.

But if you want a movie that involves action, suspense and humor, all in a tightly-honed and well-wrapped package, get someone else. He’s just not the right guy. He’s boring. He’s dull. He’s lackluster. He directs films like a dictionarian writes dictionaries. By the numbers. He paints his films like someone with no talent painting-by-number, which isn’t to say he doesn’t have talent, he does, just not the right talent for Star Wars, which is at its heart a romping space Western. He lacks verve and nerve, and both are needed to bring Star Wars’ greatest hero back to life on the big screen.

Besides, didn’t this guy already refuse to direct Star Wars and superhero movies? And there you have it. Besides I hear he’s busy anyway.

Good night.