Ridley Scott isn’t done yet, it appears. After his disappointing box office bust Alien: Covenant, Scott says he wants to make a prequel to the original Alien. He also wants to potentially de-age SIgourney Weaver so her character can make an appearance within the new film series.

In an interview segment shared by Instagram user luisnostromo , Scott addresses a question about Sigourney Weaver possibly returning to play Ripley and gives out tons of details about his future plans regarding the series. In addition to teasing Ripley’s return with some CGI assistance, Scott tosses off a revelation about Ripley’s lineage. He also addresses the idea that the new Alien movies will at some point tie in directly with the original 1979 movie.

“We’re heading toward the back end of the first Alien so [using CG] may be feasible. I don’t think it’ll… but Ripley’s going to be somebody’s daughter. Obviously. We’re coming in from the back end. The time constraints, of what’s the time between this film, where we leave David going off heading for that colony, I think you’re probably two films out from even considering her.”

My take: I’m not sure why Weaver has to play any part whatsoever in the new series and why Prometheus/Covenant have to eventually back-end into the Alien mythos. Why can’t Scoot just tell the tale of how the Aliens came to be and leave it at that? In the real world, assuming such a thing ever happened, Weaver’s character would be a one-off anyway, maybe a two-off, but the series would not revolve around her as much as it has, nor would the prequel series consistently and relentlessly move towards centering on her again. It’s as if Scott believes that Ripley is the center of the Alien mythos, and I think that’s a mistake.