Looks like Ridley Scott wants to do to Blade Runner what he’s done to Prometheus and what Disney has done with George Lucas’s Star Wars.

Speaking with IGN just a few days ahead of Blade Runner’s 35th anniversary, Scott had this to say

“Yes. I think that, you know what, George has always proved that. Of course there’s always something. George Lucas. You know, and the way he’s handled Star Wars has been spectacular. It’s what I’ve been trying to do to really evolve Alien, because in those days I wasn’t into making sequels, but now suddenly you realize, ‘Well, that’s stupid.’ I’ll use the word ‘duh’ again, right? You’d better get into sequels, duh. So, that’s in a way what I’ve been doing.”

What he’s been doing is world-building, or trying to world-build. Adding new characters, expanding older one, generating new worlds and constructing new paradigms and narratives to carry his vision farther than before. Alien was just a one-off, and so was Blade Runner. He wasn’t into world-building back when he was young. Why? Because he was hungry and had a lot of worlds himself to explore. Worlds within cinema. From Alien to Gladiator to even The Counselor, he’s explored genres and concepts, much like the younger Christopher Nolan is doing.

Having said all that, it’s a bit premature to start talking about more sequels to Blade Runner, as we will have to see how well 2049 pulls off at the theaters later this year. One thing is certain: if Scott wants to world-build, he might want to step back more, as he did with 2049, and let others handle the helming of certain sequels and prequels, because as it stands he wields a heavy hammer, and that hammer is crushing the delicate visions he’s trying to bring forth onto the fore.