For my second review on my BROTHER’S website, I decided to review TITANIC, which was written and directed by JAMES CAMERON. TITANIC is only my favorite movie…ever.

In TITANIC, a young pauper named JACK DAWSON, played by LEONARDO DICAPRIO, boards the most famous ocean liner in history, the RMS TITANIC. While chillin like a villain on the TITANIC with a good friend named FABRIZIO, JACK meets first-class vixen ROSE DEWITT BUKATER, played by KATE WINSLET. After saving ROSE’S life, JACK and his newfound love ignite a red-hot passion that is not cooled down by the iceberg, an obstruction that eventually sinks the ship. Watch TITANIC if swept to the farthest reaches of eternity by a romance is on your bucket list.

I love TITANIC for its music score, quality, direction, and story, but the script needed a smidgeon of work. KATE WINSLET’S lines, at times, seemed too melodramatic to be taken seriously. Other than the occasional terrible dialogue, I give TITANIC an A+.