Where do I start with this one? Were the seven or so live-action films not enough action? Granted I’ve seen maybe two of them and I thought they were far more full of “action” than the original games upon which the movies are based. And it wasn’t but four months after Resident Evil: The Final Chapter debuted that that there was talk of a reboot, with with James Wan ( Conjuring , Aquaman ) producing and Greg Russo penning the screenplay . Wan made a name for himself as a modern master of horror, creating and fleshing out horror franchises such as Saw , Conjuring, and Insidious , among other smaller projects. Having him on board gave fans hope that the upcoming reboot would be more horror-focused than the previous films were. Unfortunately, that’s just doesn’t seem to be the case.






Now Hiroyuki Kobayashi, veteran of the Resident Evil series, has come forward with the notion that the seven or so Milla Jovovich films just didn’t have enough action, and that zombies taking over the world should have little respite from their ravaging hordes, which may make some sense, but the problem is that such a tack leaves little room for story and character development. Imagine if someone said, let’s reboot Fast and the Furious, but with more action. More? Kobayashi, as I said is no mealy-mouthed intern, either, as he’s worked on the games since the franchise’s inception and produced Resident Evil: Degeneration and Resident Evil: Damnation, with a third title along the way. He knows what he’s talking about, for sure.

More action? What do you think? Should there be more action or do they run the risk of losing audiences if they return to the horror format of the video games?