More news for the retarded.

Power Rangers, a movie I haven’t seen, basically did not reuse the classic Power Rangers theme song. It was not included at the beginning of the film nor in the credits, and as far as I know, a remix rendition wasn’t either. None of the music therein was really inspired by the them song. But it was included within the film itself, for several seconds, or so I have read. Essentially the tune threads into the audio mix in the third act of the movie, and there was a huge debate on whether or not to include even that much in the film.

Israelite and screenwriter John Gatkins explained their decision to include the theme song on the movie’s home video audio commentary

“Oh, the theme was a big debate. Should we keep it, shouldn’t we keep it? But at the preview screenings, we watched it play, and it felt so good in the moment. And I like what [Gatkins] said – that it honors the show for 25 years in the moment that we’ve now culminated in them morphing. So they morph, and it’s not about culminating these 2 hours, but it’s about culminating these 24 years and paying respect to all that.”

My take? They should have gone with more campiness. They tried too hard to make the film dark and gritty, as if a mentally defective Christopher Nolan directed it. They scared little kids and put off adults who may have wanted to watch it for purposes of nostalgia. Had they made the film actually fun for people of all ages, it would have performed a lot better at the theaters instead of the all around failure it became.

What a failed opportunity, all because they had to go Fantastic Four on the audiences.