Patty Jenkins says she’s not sure it’s always a good idea for studios to try and create shared universe from which to springboard more movies. This comes at a time when her shared-universe film, Wonder Woman, is raking in both accolades and lucre. The films currently one of the highest rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes, and has been met with widespread critical acclaim.

During a recent Reddit AMA yesterday, Jenkins opened up about what it was like making Wonder Woman in an already established, functioning cinematic universe, and what she thinks about the current explosion of shared universes that it feels like every major studio is attempting to create right now:

“I would say I have very mixed feelings about that. There’s a version of every kind of film that I celebrate, but there seems there’s also a tendency to make a mess if there’s too much going on – so it’s not something I think is always a great idea.”

My take: obviously she’s talking about The Mummy‘s miserable debut at the box office and Universal’s lame attempt at creating a Marvel-style cinematic universe around the mummy, the wolfman, and other assorted iconic monster characters from the silver-screen days of Hollywood. And she’s right, unfortunately. So right now, comic book movies rule the land like dinosaurs, waiting for that massive Chixulub event that’ll portend their deaths. We hope.