Looks like Jenkins has done what meany thought was impossible: shatter that glass ceiling that supposedly kept women from attaining higher directorial successes. Wonder Woman has now thundered past Fifty Shades of Gray to become the all-time best-selling box office film directed by a woman, which seems like a big deal in the progressive world of Hollywood politics. Most other people probably couldn’t care less as they go the theaters for fun and snacks, not to be berated by Hollywood for their inert or overt sexism.

Deadline  reports that Wonder Woman’s estimated domestic box office take of anywhere from $97M to $100M will be more than enough to break the record for the highest opening weekend gross for a film directed by a woman. The previous record holder was director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s 2015 smash “romance” thriller Fifty Shades of Grey, which earned $85.1M in its opening frame in 2015.

The marks the first time Wonder Woman has appeared onscreen solo since Lynda Carter’s 1970s appearances as Wonder Woman, although Gal Gadot appeared in the poorly-fated Batman vs Supermen flick. There was also a pilot starring Adrianne Palicki that never made it past the early stages of serial production.

My take? Seems to me the film is being pushed by people amazed that a woman can do a decent job, or who feel that Jenkins needs artificial praise to elevate her status among a male-dominated profession. One wonders, then, if Wonder Woman had been directed by Zack Snyder and turned out the same (theoretically speaking), would they be singing Wonder Woman‘s praise, or excoriating Snyder for another bloviating heap of trash film.

What’s your take?