Owen Wilson recently gave some hope to those of you who are still waiting for a Shanghai Dawn film, the direct sequel to Shanghai Knights and Shanghai Noon. Good news, then as Wilson has just provided an small, vague update on the former film’s production status, if such a thing even exists at this point in time.

In Screenrant’s exclusive interview with Wilson, they set aside a small moment from discussing his work in the forthcoming animated feature Cars 3  to ask how things were shaping up in regards to Shanghai Dawn. Funnily enough, Wilson had reportedly just recently spoken to Chan about getting production on the film up and running – in addition to how his appearances in Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights weirdly landed him the role of Lightning McQueen – stating:

“Yeah, there is some talk. Uh, I saw Jackie not too long ago and we were talking about it, but it’s funny that you mention that because Shanghai Noon was the movie, I think, that helped me sorta become involved with Cars because when I met John Lasseter, he and his kids had enjoyed that movie, and he said that he had this animated movie that he thought maybe I’d be good for so that’s, you know, how I ended up getting cast as Lightning McQueen.”

My take: nothing much was said. He talked to Chan about the movie, but nothing else was discussed. No one checked in with a director or a producer or a screenwriter, it was just Chan and Wilson saying “yep” and “guess so” like those curbside hillbillies in that old FOX animated comedy King of the Hill. I’ll bet you a quarter it never even gets made, especially considering the last film made a paltry $88M from a $50M production budget.