If you had hopes of seeing another Fantastic Four film on the big screen any time soon, you can kiss them all goodnight.

After a pair of silly films, featuring Jessica Alba of all people, and then a second attempt at a series that featured a black Human Flame, made little at the box office, and was derided roundly by critics everywhere, there is seemingly no plans for the Fantastic Four anywhere in Marvels Cinematic Universe, unfortunately, as Fox owns the right to FF and has refused to sell the properties back to Marvel. In additon, there seems to be no indications FOX has any plans to work with Marvel to make better films, as not only has Fantastic Four found its way into limbo, but FOX’s X-Men properties could be foundering as well.

Well what does Kevin Feige, head of Marvel have to say about the situation?

Newsarama (via AlloCiné ) have word straight from Feige himself, stating there are currently no plans or talks regarding the Fantastic Four joining the MCU.

“[We have] no plans with the Fantastic Four right now. No discussions about it.”

So that’s it. No news is….no news….


My take: Marvel needs to get off their asses on work on getting the property back from FOX Studios, because as it stands the latter will do nothing with them but roll it out every few years in another lame attempt at making a franchise again. And it’s ridiculous that FOX can hoard the property indefinitely, for ever effectively, without doing much with it. Shame on fucking Marvel for making such shitty deals in the first place.