Here’s a little video reel of Avengers 3 “footage”. Basically someone shot these videos from above the actors during  the action. One part looks like it was shot from a roof top or a high window. What’s depicted? Bendict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange’s costume, performing a few very light stunts, pretty much, and a few of the Avengers, I’m not sure who, on a devastated street , moving about. There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to a lot of what’s depicted, even though the video runs for about two minutes. Check out the video below:



Here’s how Screetrant describes the action:

The beginning shows Doctor Strange attempting to roll away from danger before being captured by some unseen force. It almost appears as if he’s bound by some sort of magic or telekinesis, with his arms thrust to his side and his torso twisted.The next part of the video shows Doctor Strange back in his cape and walking alongside his crew again. All around them are even more signs of destruction, from debris to fires. The final bit of the video shows Strange and a motion-capture-clad figure. It’s hard to make out, but it looks like it could be RDJ with the mo-cap dots being used for his suit.

And that’s pretty much it. Atlanta is being used as a backdrop for New York City, without any actual filming there in the Big Apple, as far as I know, aside from perhaps some establishing shots. Or perhaps they’ll just use stock footage of the city, instead. What’s clear is that filming on this project is very near;y complete and filming on Avengers 4 is right around the corner. Should be interesting to see how the two movies pan out in theaters, and I wonder what big cliffhanger they have for us waiting at the end of Avengers 3.