New Star Wars designs fors for the upcoming new film Star Wars The Last Jedi have leaked online, depicting what looks like a red Imperial guard doing battle, a white stormtrooper wielding an axe, an two pages of design schematics rendering what appears to be a modified AT-Walker with opposed legs and new laser blaster mounted above the cockpit.

The photos are promotional images for yet-to-be-released merchandise for The Last Jedi. Whether they represent toys or actual material for the film, it is unknown. Have a look right below:


My take: the stormtrooper looks like every other stormtrooper thus seen in the new series, except he’s now handling a battleaxe of some type. The AT-Walker has a down syndrome look to it which is actually interesting, visually. The Imperial Guard woud be a nice addition to the films, but there’s no indication he or she performs any other duty than to protect the upper echelon. I don’t know.