Ooh, it bleeds from it’s eyes! Beware the doll HIV! and I’d cry too if I were in this abomination. See, even the fucking doll wants out.



I’m nothing if not unprofessional. Yes I said yawn. This heap of shit film about some stupid scary doll now has a poster. And what? I should care or something? You know what was scary? The first fucking Chucky. A damned little half-pint doll in blue suspenders that crawls out of a box and while smiling chops your head off. Why? Because he’s possessed by the soul or spirit of some undead serial killer, IIRC, and that’s what serial killers do when they possess plastic kids dolls.

Annabelle on the other hand does what, exactly? I Haven’t seen the films, but i know she doesn’t carry a big blade and laugh maniacally and say I was only playing while ripping your heart out. I wanna play. That’s how a real killer doll rolls.

So here’s the poster, which I will briefly discuss demolish:

















Ooh, scary house, Check. Ooh scary moon and some fog, check. Ooh kid playing with flammable device while her parents are asleep or dead and she’s carrying around some wanna be killer doll? Check. Ka ching! Because people are stupid and will watch anything, apparently. And somehow the doll is created in this film yet the kid is holding it in the poster? Say what? That’s wack!

If not, what’s with the subtitle “creation”?

The damned kid’s not even looking into the well. She’s standing there but she’s staring ahead with this void zoid look on her face. What well? Am I possessed? Is the doll making me move? Who knows and who cares because this isn’t a Struzan poster, it’s some piece of shit made in five minutes with GIMP. What’s the whole point of the fucking well, then? Does the doll come out the well? Is the kid trying to dispose of the doll into the well? Why then isn’t she looking into the fucking well?

The entire poster makes no sense and was quickly constructed clearly to sell a moron movie to morons. If you watch this film, you are officially a retard.