The Wachowski Things haven’t had much luck with studios since the Matrix gravy train left the station some thirteen years prior. And let’s be honest: Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions were only good because audiences were hungry for more Neo action, but instead received Cameo Neo in a shitty, lackluster ensemble casting consisting of Will Smith’s dour Judge Judy wife down to some nameless bald-headed kid that did little either film but bellow about the end of Zion. Save a few decent action set pieces in Reloaded and none in Revolutions, both are as starkly hollow as a train-side cemetery.

Now comes news that Netflix’s Sense8, a gender-bending sci-romp concerning neurally-linked adults in underwear, has been mercifully cancelled after a mere two seasons by the wise higher-up echelon at Netflix, which therefor begs the obvious question: doomed to die a horrible slow death in theatrical releases, and guillotined for their terrible LGBT self-pandering, what horrible shit will the brothers….sisters….things invent for ruin next?

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