And basically that’s the news. Dear White People is returning for a second season. I haven’t seen the first season, nor will I ever, but reading from the synopsis, posted here:

Dear White People follows a group of black activists on a majority-white Ivy League campus. Following a blackface party thrown by one of the campus’s leading provocateurs, the students face a culture of bias, racial injustice, and political incorrectness, which culminates in a near-fatal run in with campus security.

…it seems like the creators have more to say in the same vein of the first season. Probably more whining and complaining. Probably more invented events that “trigger” blacks so much.

Oh and here’s the Twitter announcement for the upcoming ten-episode reprisal

You have to wonder how much better off this nation would be without blacks complaining all the time. Without their rioting. Without their crime and violence. Half of all crime in the United State is committed by blacks. Half. And blacks are what? 13% of the population?

Sure, blacks were treated poorly. So were the Irish and the Chinese and the Jews. Only blacks complain because they don’t embrace the norms of Western Civilization. They refuse to “get with the program”. Something in them refuses to accept and embrace the behavior that everyone else embraces. Instead, they embrace: Crime. Drugs. More crime. Then they complain when white cops “profile” them. They complain when they’re pulled over in a stolen car carrying dope and a gun. The complain when they drop out of school and end up making less than whites. When they end up in prison for lengthy terms.

The complain when they don’t work hard to achieve parity with whites and then decry the unfairness of the system, as if someone told them to engage in crime and drugs and teenage pregnancies. No one told them to not get married, to have kids out of wedlock not just once but on purpose, repeatedly.

And so on and so forth. Complain complain. It’ll only get worse the more of them there are, and the fewer of us, the whites, there are. Because in the end , blacks love power because they are a powerless people, which again is their fault. They’ll use slavery and the word nigger pretty much forever, simply because it gets most blacks what they can’t get on their own: wealth and power. And attention.