Looks like another one of Neill Blomkaamp’s short films have dropped, this one entitled Firebase, which is something of a cross between Predator and perhaps a thousand war films, such as Casualties of War, Full Metal Jacket and Platoon.

Here’s the video from Youtube:


And here’s a synopsis from Screerant:

Firebase focuses on an American soldier pitted against mysterious forces in the Vietnamese jungle, some of which appear to be fellow soldiers but with a gruesome secret hiding beneath their skin. Once they shed their human layers, they look like a cross between the aliens from Rakka and the Prawns in District 9. Added to the found footage style of medical autopsies — Blomkamp really coats this film in gore. And the mystery only deepens when the short introduces a hideously burnt man who claims to have witnessed a Russian invasion of American soil with futuristic weapons and vehicles. And still it gets a little more bizarre.

I’m still not feeling it. The CGI looks atrocious, worse than my own little work, the acting is at best mediocre, and the story is all derivative, once again, with the aliens here looking like a cross between the things from Rakka, Blomkaamp’s other short film, and the aliens from District 9. Covering everything in gore in lieu of a story is just sad and in my opinion desperate. It’s like Blomkaamp can’t get traction with the major studios so he’s making these terrible shorts to showcase his talent, or lack thereof. Most of what I have seen is derivative, with Neill once again covering his own footsteps, tracking out nothing new. I almost feel sorry for the guy, because in so many ways he reminds me of a Richard Kelly type. He has one idea on how to make a film and just keeps repeating himself until no one is listening. Like I said: pretty goddamned sad.