I don’t know how much this matters to the box office here in the States, or even in the second largest market in the world, China, but Tom Cruise’s reboot of the The Mummy has already broken one record, namely that of biggest opening ever at 6.6 million in South Korea.

Universal has struggled for franchises of their own over the years, and with a desperate need to compete with the big boys like Paramount, Warner Brothers and even FOX, they’ve had to redress their failings by pulling out old stock such as The Mummy and Condon’s upcoming Bride of Frankenstein¬†long-toothed reboot. Other films, such as The Invisible Man and The Creature from the Black Lagoon will soon follow. That is if Universal can make the earlier foundation films a success. A smash opening in South Korea is an early indication Universal is on the right track. Hiring Tom Cruise didn’t hurt, and they can continue to make good choices like the ones with seen with The Mummy, perhaps Universal has a chance at the franchise game after all.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll be left standing when people finally tire of comic books and FOX and Sony have nothing left to offer. One can dream, I guess.