Despite terrible reviews (20% rotten last I heard, although RT’s website is down at the moment) Tom Cruise’s reboot of the 1990s Brendan Fraser vehicle The Mummy will open to large crowds and impressive box office results when it debuts in a short few days. News of this sort should set Universal’s mind at ease as they are trying to create a shared cinematic universe entitled Dark Universe, whereby every Gothic horror you can imagine gets their own film, from the Bride of Frankenstein, to the Creature From the Black Lagoon to Johnny Depp’s Invisible Man.

Despite the excellent news, Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman will still like beat out Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy at the domestic box office this weekend, staying on top for the second weekend in a row, according to projections done by Deadline, which forecasts a worldwide haul for the Mummy somewhere in the region of $125-135 million playing in 63 territories at the global box office (with some analysts even projecting an opening as high as $150 million, depending on how the movie plays in China). That puts the movie in earshot of surpassing the $167.4 million three day worldwide box office opening for the Cruise-led War of the Worlds over a decade ago, making it the actor’s biggest global bow in the process. With a production budget of $125 million (not counting marketing costs), a strong performance overseas will be necessary to offset The Mummy‘s projected $35 million U.S. debut , in order to keep Universal’s Dark Universe plans firmly on-track.


My take: make that money, bitch! Even if The Mummy falls behind Wonder Woman, it can still make $500M-$600M if it stays strong overseas. We need Universal’s Dark Universe as a counterpoint to the comic book shit that’s plaguing theaters right now.