From the files of who gives a shit, comes this article, wherein I will tell you this: In the new Mummy reboot, apparently Cruise gets into a battle of sorts with Russell Crowe’s Jr Jekyll. I’ll just quote Screenrant instead of re-writing down all this bullshit:

In the film’s second act, Tom Cruise’s Nick Morton finds himself the headquarters of Prodigum, a secret organization that collects and catalogs rare antiquities related to a variety of strange creatures. When he discovers their motives aren’t totally pure he gets in a tussle with Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll (or rather his dark side) while Annabelle Wallis’ Jenny Halsey tries to find a way to break them up. When scrabbling for a weapon, she uses one of the Prodigum’s acquisitions – a golden book with a strange lock.

This is the Book of Amun-Ra, a mythological item first introduced in The Mummy ’99. It was one of two essential MacGuffins in the film along with the obsidian Book of Death; the latter was able to resurrect ancient forces, while the former sent them back to the afterlife. The golden version was seemingly lost forever in sequel The Mummy Returns when it’s dropped it into pit of scarabs in Hamunaptra, the City of the Dead.

Apparently, Kurtzman wanted a small homage to the original films, which is nice and all, but if he had really wanted to do something nice for the first two or three Mummy films, he would have no made The Mummy 2017. Dumb fuck. Having said, and felt better for it, here’s what Kurtzman had to say about the homage:

“You have to pay homage and tribute to everything that came before. I have nothing but respect for all the films that have been made, and the filmmakers who’ve made them. To deny their existence in any way, I think would have been incredibly rude. So, all of those films are part of the history of the Universal monsters, and as such I thought, rather than say it’s not part of the canon, let’s say, ‘No, it is part of the canon; we’re just taking it somewhere new’.”

My take: Who gives a shit? I just needed a new article. I really don’t care two whits about this Mummy or the last and to me the only two worth watching are the first two.