Well, if you liked how Frank Darabont did up the monsters in the theatrical version of Stephen King’s The Mist (2007), you might not like how the new series is going to handle the monsters, or lack thereof, because according to the latest news, there won’t be any. While some optimistic fans still hold out hope that monsters might actually reside in Spike’s Mist after all, a recent interview with Spike showrunner Christian Torpe conducted by Arrow in the Head seems to largely put the kibosh on that notion for good.

“I don’t want to reveal too much about what we see in there. What I can say is, it is more a show about how people react to what they see than what is actually there. It becomes boring if you know everything that’s in the show, so we were mindful of not going full-blown monster show like the movie did. I still hope we will deliver to the hardcore genre fans.”

My take: seems like a cheap way to make a television series: no monsters, no real money spent. Get some cheap actors and actresses and film outdoors in ordinary locations. No CGI, no real-production save some quick color-grading and rendered fog ever everything, and voila, you are done, Spike TV!