If you were wondering about whether or not there may be a volleyball scene in the Top Gun sequel, Top Gun: Maverick your prayers have been partially answered with a very frenetic and affirmative….maybe.

Tom Cruise, who plays Maverick, has been pretty tight-lipped about what Top Gun: Maverick has in store for fans, but when asked during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight for hints about the film, he teased that Top Gun’s famous volleyball scene might be due for a modern reprise.

“There’s gonna be jets — very fast jets. There’s gonna be an aircraft carrier, maybe two. And a wide range of jets. It’s gonna have music… We have a soundtrack. There’s gonna be actors in it. [And a] motorcycle — definitely [a] motorcycle. [There] may be a volleyball scene. Maybe. We’ll see. I have not told anyone in the world as much as I’ve just told you right now.”

Dunno about you, but I am very glad Top Gun 2: Maverick plans on having actors. I was a little worried they might skimp on the budget and just film a plane and a few boats fighting it out over the air and in the seas. And who can forget that all-male on male volleyball scene huh? I’m just so stoked they’re going to have some more sweaty half-naked men passing around a big white ball, hugging it out. Yes!