Kevin Feige must be pulling rank these days, because he’s now out there in the spotlight doing marketing for Tom Holland’s upcoming Spider-man: Homecoming. You have to wonder why. Don’t they have a marketing team for these kinds of things? To sell a movie, a concept? Does Feige have to get on the record, endorsing Spider-man to promote him for the upcoming film?

In an appearance as part of the Disney Channel‘s A Fan’s Guide to Spider-Man: Homecoming, Feige stated that he views Spider-Man as more than just a really awesome comic book character, but the best ever:

“Spider-Man is the biggest Marvel character. He is the jewel in the crown. Such an amazing icon. He’s a very different kind of hero because he is, quite simply, the greatest superhero of all-time.”

My take? Tracking must be weak for Spider-man, because this is the first time I can recall  the CEO of Marvel staking his name on a specific comic book character. Perhaps it’s happened and I just missed it, but…I just don’t see Spider-man doing all that well, again. Squeezed between Wonder Woman in her second frame and the newly minted The Mummy, a Tom Cruise vehicle, I don’t see viewers heading off for Sony’s third attempt at the web-slinger, played by a Brit, no less.

What’s your take?